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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and will under no circumstances pass on any of your personal information to anyone without your prior consent.

1. Newsletters:

When you join mallorca-nights.com you will automatically receive a regular newsletter to keep up-to-date with events taking place and special offers. You will receive this info by email direct from mallorca-nights.com on a regular basis. You can unsubscribe for this at anytime.

2. Mallorca-nights.com – Membership:

On rare occasions we allow a professional business partner to send you special offers, invitations to events and info about the services they offer through our system, if you authorize it. You can unsubscribe to receive these emails at anytime.

Please note mallorca-nights.com will keep your data in accordance with its obligations under the LSSI (LEY DE SERVICIOS DE LA SOCIEDAD DE LA INFORMACIÓN Y COMERCIO ELECTRÓNICO) which is the national implementation of the ecommerce directive. Mallorca-nights.com will use your personal data for its internal business and marketing purposes. If you do not wish to receive communications from mallorca-nights.com , please email us at info@mallorca-nights.com