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Not many media can target specific demographics, gain and measure the attention of the users to your ads, increase return on the investment, and let you physically interact with your target demographic. Mallorca-nights.com gives you the opportunity to accomplish all of these valuable goals in advertising with our interactive online resource guide.

Our demographic is very specific: the nightlife scene. Mallorca-nights.com is designed for Mallorca visitors and local residents that enjoy going out at night and want access to information about the diverse options available. From upscale nightclubs spinning today's most popular dance tracks to quiet, laid-back bars or the trendiest Beachclubs Mallorca-nights.com has become a hit with anyone who enjoys an exciting night out.

Our focus is to cover four main venue types – Mallorca today, Bars and Clubs, Beachclubs & Lounges and Events & Shows. We provide daily event updates. We partner with local promoters, nightlife enthusiasts, and musicians to provide fresh insider information.

Our audience is comprised the age group of 25-55 visiting and residing in Mallorca. They all enjoy all forms of entertainment such as bars and night clubs, shows, Lounges and the best cocktailbars.They are frequent travellers and buyers of the latest fashion, gadgets, and electronics. Most of our visitors are looking for ideas to spend their discretionary income. This makes us an ideal place to advertise.


In 1960, Mallorca received 500,000 visitors, while in 1997, it received 6.739.700. One decade later more than 13.000.000 passengers are passing through the Palma de Mallorca Airport with an additional 1.5 million arriving by sea.

Take advantage of all those people visiting Mallorca, we offer banner advertisement, local promotion, events, featured business listing, online & offline advertising interested in reaching the hard-to-reach lifestyle consumer. If you would like to receive a 2016 Media Kit or speak to our sales representative, contact us, we will find a way to help you. Please include your name, email address and a detailed description of what your company does and how you would like to work with us.

We are looking forward to work with you