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Santa Catalina: IDEM BAR

Santa Catalina: IDEM BAR

When: June 29, 2017 10:00 PM



Address: Carrer Sant Magi 15a
Localidad: Palma de Mallorca
Tlfn: 0034971280854
e-mail: info@idemcafe.es

Music Type: Chill Out, Latin, Mix   Drinks: Cafe, Cocktails, Long Drinks   Vip Lounge: Yes Flirt Factor: Yes  Gay: Yes  Occupation : 100%  Size: 100  Dresscode: Mix  Cost: Free  Age: 25 Up  Opening Hours: 20.00 - 02.00  Seasons: All Year  Opened Since: 2009 

One of the best places in Santa Catalina at the moment. This place is the perfect location to start off the evening. Its a small, very trendy cocktail bar with red velvet curtains and art work with erotic motifs on the walls. There is a small outdoor terrace at the very back of the bar. The entire place is very cosy, intimate and relatively dark and there are usually a lot of people. Good drinks and good music.


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