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Subzhero Disco Mallorca


Address: Avenida Juan Miro 322
Localidad: Palma de Mallorca
Tlfn: 0034 633 09 82 06

Vip Lounge: Yes Flirt Factor: Yes  Celebrities : Yes  50+: Yes  Occupation : 80%  Size: 300  Dresscode: Normal  Age: 30 up  Opening Hours: 23.00-06.00  Seasons: All Year  Opened Since: 2014 

Whenever you go on a trip, you should always expect something exceptional.
Places that are extraordinary, styles that define trends and amusement that opens new worlds. That’s what Zhero Hotel Group is all about. Situated in today’s society hotspots, like Ischgl or Mallorca, we create a feel-good atmosphere.

Each Zhero hotel, apartment and chalet is a unique symbiosis of fashion appeal, high design, luxury and comfort. Employing groundbreaking architecture and local authenticity. This successful combination of international design trends and authentic local craft bears the signature of Zhero Hotel Group founder and chairman, Jens Liebhauser.

Zhero Hotel Group creates destinations that not only please your eyes, but also your sense of comfort. Indulging you with culinary highlights and high-class drinks. Providing comprehensive and tailored services that exceed your expectations and above all celebrate events that are enduring memories. These are places where your lifestyle sets the limit. This is where you meet people who share your spirit. Where you want to return to.

Creativity, style and you are the foundations of every move we make. For Zhero, this means redefining what’s already there with an innovative edge.By breaking the grid and rebuilding it permanently. By fusing advanced global design with local tradition. With interiors that perfectly mirror fashion, style and zeitgeist to create new perspectives. All to give you an experience you won’t forget and a feeling of being perfectly taken care of.

New to the group will be our SubZhero Nightclub,
a new legendary club, a Club without any limits.
The idea will be a huge success, home to the hottest parties on the island, as well as the hottest people, it will be a landmark, high energy excitement will be packed into every crevice of the club.

There will be so much to see, it will be amazing and even time to dance in an impressive location with flair of the chick 20ies. Even confetti will be streaming ever so often in the club.

While there are plenty of places to relax and sip a drink in Mallorca. SubZhero certainly stands out from the crowd. Get ready to dance, party and completely let loose, at this legendary new Club.


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