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Reborn Spa Mallorca


Address: c/ constitución 1, pl. 1 d.
Localidad: Palma de Mallorca
Tlfn: (+34) 971 728 455
e-mail: info@reborn-spa.com

Vip Lounge: Yes Flirt Factor: Yes  Celebrities : Yes  50+: Yes  Occupation : 85%  Opening Hours: 10.00-20.00  Seasons: All Year  Opened Since: 2012 


pampering, vitalizing and letting go.

ilhan dogan, founder and owner of id reborn spa is convinced that you can only achieve measurable success by respecting body, mind and soul in equal measure.

he made his vision of a place where the emphasis is on revitalizing the body and mind come true by opening the id reborn spa in palma at passeig de born. Maintaining a caring, polite and respectful relationship with his guests is close to ilhan dogan’s heart. “stress and speed dominate so many lives nowadays that it is important to have a sanctuary where you can find solace for your mind and free yourself from daily routines.” the highly qualified professional team is in charge of your individual treatment plan, you can concentrate on refreshing your energy.

best value for money is also important for ilhan dogan as prices are often more than utopian nowadays.

id reborn spa is different. Just take a look at our info-pricelist. a high degree of hospitality, service and kindness is always included each and every guest – independent of his or her point of view - is unique, precious and special.

ilhan dogan



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