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Nicolás Cocktail Bar


Address: Placa mercat 19
Localidad: Palma de Mallorca
Tlfn: 971 724 078
e-mail: alberto@nicolasbar.com

Music Type: Backround, Chill Out   Drinks: Cafe, Cocktails, Long Drinks   Vip Lounge:No   Flirt Factor: Yes  Celebrities : Yes  50+: Yes  Occupation : 95%  Size: 300  Dresscode: Smart  Cost: Free  Age: 30 up  Seasons: All Year  Opened Since: 2011 


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Events in Nicolás Cocktail Bar *

Mallorca Drinks & Food: Cocktail at the Nicolas Bar

 Try one of the exotic cocktails at the Bar Nicolas at the placa del mercado.

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