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Beach Alm


Address: Playa Portals
Localidad: Calvia
Tlfn: 0034680258532
e-mail: info@beach-alm.com - office@beach-alm.com

Music Type: Chill Out, Mix   Drinks: Cafe, Cocktails, Long Drinks   Vip Lounge: Yes Flirt Factor: Yes  Celebrities : Yes  50+: Yes  Occupation : 90%  Size: 200  Dresscode: Normal  Cost: Free  Age: 25 up  Opening Hours: CERRADO / CLOSED / GESCHLOSSEN  Seasons: All year  Opened Since: 2010 

The venue is closed at the moment until further notice

The Beachalm is a fusion of a trendy beach bar with cult potential, culinary food and relaxed atmosphere, the most popular beach on the islandAccessible on foot, by car or by water is this absolute trend location, the interface between the famous marina of Puerto Portals and the famous beach of portalsWith us will be there for everyone at all times the right thing: Early risers can look for the regular morning swim, the fitness-conscious breakfast and the most exclusive champagne brunch, get everything. Late risers can enjoy these offers, of course, to 13.00. Vitamin rich salads, delicious bocadillos or a delicious piece of meatand fish beautifully prepared, can also radiate the heart of a gourmet. Sunny warmwith always a light Mediterranean breeze, it sits just perfect and expanded in Beachalm. Take a look, we are waiting!


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