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Simply Fosh


Address: Carrer de la Missió, 7A
Localidad: Palma
Tlfn: 971 720 114
e-mail: info@simplyfosh.com

Music Type: Backround   Drinks: Cafe, Cocktails, Long Drinks   Vip Lounge:No   Flirt Factor: Yes  Celebrities : Yes  50+: Yes  Occupation : 80%  Size: 100  Dresscode: Dress to impress  Cost: Free  Age: 30 up  Opening Hours: 13:00h - 15:30h / 19:30h - 22:30h. Sundays closed  Seasons: All year 


As the name suggests, our restaurant offers a more casual, stripped down and pocket friendly version of Marc Fosh's extraordinary Mediterranean Cuisine.

In contemporary stylish surroundings, Simply Fosh is housed in the Refectori of the 17th century Hotel Convent de la Missio in the old town of Palma with a modern interior of black-and-white, sun terrace, cascading wall of water and food that everyone can enjoy.



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