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Address: Carretera de Sóller,Km.10,900
Localidad: Palmanyola
Tlfn: Tel. 900 200 500
e-mail: info@medievalshow.com

Vip Lounge:No   Occupation : 70%  Size: 1000  Dresscode: Normal  Age: 18 - up  Seasons: All Year  Opened Since: 2008 

Welcome to the royal court of King Sancho, and to this splendid day of festivities.

To entertain you, our noble king has invited six fearless knights from nearby kingdoms to compete in the battle games along with his own brave champion.

The servants of the royal household have been most excited preparing a hearty three course banquet for your delight served in the medieval fashion of this year of our lord 1311. Hundreds of noblemen and commoners from many foreign lands will be your fellow guest, a rare ? and possibly dangerous ? combination. But don´t be of a faint heart! When your knight faces the challenges of the tournament, your cries of support will encourage him. Let your cheers be the loudest in all the land, as he battles for the right to choose his Queen of Love and Beauty.

The honour of your knight is at stake.
Victory depends on you


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