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42nd Street Bar


Address: Calle Pinada 7
Localidad: Magaluf
Tlfn: +34 971 134 646

Vip Lounge:No   Flirt Factor: Yes  Occupation : 0%  Size: 200  Dresscode: Normal  Cost: Free  Age: 20 up  Seasons: Summer 

When the Eagle’s wrote “you can check in anytime you like but you can never leave” they weren’t writing about this bar. But it still fits the description perfectly. The place is not something that is screamed about and advertised on every nook and corner. But it’s still nothing short of amazing.

The bar is located just off The Strip, in Calle Pinada. The pub has been cementing its reputation quietly for many years. And today, even hard-to-please party animals will give it a big thumbs up. The bar is frequented by both locals and tourists, which is always a sign of good quality. Because while tourists can be taken for a ride, the natives know better.

Their food menu is considered nothing short of fantastic and is served till 11 pm. The dishes go well with the cheap drinks, which usually come with specials like 2 for 1 offers. Major favourites here are “sex on the beach,” “tutti-frutti” and “vodka slushes.” If you’re feeling particularly adventurous order “the flaming lambagini.” The smirk on the staff’s face should give you an idea what you’re in for. Think it’s no big deal? Just wait for 30 minutes and then you’ll feel the kick.

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